Thursday, June 19, 2014

How to Add Google+ Comments in your Blogger?

Posted by Sonal Kumawat
After the recent upgrading in Blogger HTML Editor, Blogger is set a much anticipated enhancement that is Google plus Comments in Blogger. It is really very easy to implement in on your blogger template. With the Google+ commenting system not only it helps you to create a stronger bond with your readers but also increases user engagement. Today, in this article, I am going to show you How to enable Google+ or Google plus Commenting System in custom Blogger template. Before this I want to share some important features of Google+ commenting systems, you have to aware of these features:

Features of Google Plus Commenting system?

  1. Interactive Interface: Comment appears in an organized order on the basis of published dates so that users can reply or plus one with ease. 
  2. Public or Private Comments: Now your blog readers would be able to post a comment publicly or privately to the people in their Google+ circles. 
  3. All Activity at one Place: Whenever someone would share your content on Google+ or they would pass-out an view, it would robotically display them in your Comment Feeds or not. 
  4. Also Share to Google+: When your reader leaves a comment on your blog, he or she is not only just writing his and her views, but he is helping you to gain more audience by sharing it to the peoples in his circle. 
  5. Edit or Delete Comments: You can also edit or delete your comments. Through the elasticity options of Google+ you can simply edit or delete them anytime. 
Here it is.. With simple Steps:

How to Add Google+ Comments in your Blogger Custom Templates?

We are in no doubt that you all are interested to install it on your Blogger site. For this, you require to connect blogger with your Google+ profile. After connecting your account in blogger, go to the “Google+ tab to be found on your blogger dashboard". For more you will see the below picture: you have to do this now.

Add Google Plus Comments in Blogger Blog
Now to allow Google plus comments you need to check (tick) the box next to the “Use Google+ Comments on this blog” text.

If Google+ comments are not functioning on your blog, don’t get terrify because you just need to change your template. Go to your Blogger Template Edit HTML. Now you search for <div class='post-footer'> within the template coding and just below it paste the next coding. Once everything is done, save the template.

Congratulations, Google+ comments are now added to your blogger blog.

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