Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Index Your Content Faster With the Fetch as Google Tool

Posted by Sonal Kumawat
Use the different functions that Google Webmaster Tools has to suggest is a surefire way to help keep your website running like a well-oiled machine. Mainly Two tools our SEO team uses on an ordinary basis and finds to be really beneficial are the Crawl Errors report and the Sitemap submission tool. 
Among the tool is the “Fetch as Google”, this gives webmasters to an alternative to submit their URL to the index. Amazingly, this tool is often used by webmasters, bloggers and SEO analyst. This is a very suitable way to speed things up if your blog and website have new content that you'd like to be exposed and found in the SERPs fast. 
Website and blog owners and internet marketers often publish new blog posts or web pages on website and sit back and wait for to show up the blog page in the Google search results. Usually the search engine takes weeks or even months to happen! Now you can submitting your url to the index by using the Fetch as Google tool. Google BOTs will crawl the URL using this method usually within a day, or in less than 5 minutes,, I've seen web pages and blog posts show up in the SERPs of using this tool. The tool is really easy to use. Have to try it. The steps are provided below. 

Step 1: Visit Google Webmaster Tools: 

You have to first verified your blog and website in Google Webmaster tool, If you haven't verified your website with Google Webmaster Tools yet, then do it first. Start from the home screen of Google Webmaster Tools, first select the domain name, expand the Crawl menu, and then click Fetch as Google menu link. 

Index Your Content Faster With the Fetch as Google Tool

Step 2: Fetch as Google:

Enter your web url (inner or home page) or blog URL into the input field, leaving off the domain name, and click on the FETCH button. 

get new content indexed faster

found in Google search results quickly

Step 3: Submit to Index: 

You have to wait till verify that the Fetch Status successful. When Googlebot can successfully fetch your web page or blog, then you can submit that page to the Google index (Showing in below image). Just click on highlighted the Submit to index button. 

Indexed Faster Content

You can submit either the URL itself (limit of 500 URLs per week per Webmaster Tools account), or the URL and all pages linked from it (limit of 10 per month per Webmaster Tools account). 

submit new URLs to Google index with Fetch as Google tool
  • URL: Select this option if your webpage or blog post is new or has been recently updated. Note: Google doesn't guarantee to index all submitted URLs. 
  • URL and all linked pages: Select if your site has changed extensively. Google will use this option to submitted URL as a starting point in indexing your website or blog content. Note: Google doesn't guarantee to index all pages on your site.

After submitting the URL in Fetch as Google Tool, I immediately run a search and as you can see the below picture, it has been indexed by Google instantly.


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